Return Policy & Buyer Protection


We promise your money back if the item you received is not as described, or your package is lost in transit. You can get a refund 3 days after the claim process finishes.

Specific Terms

A. In the following cases, refund all or re-ship the goods for free.

1. Personalized products are different from customer requirements.
2. The product the customer received was not what he ordered in the order.
3. The size or color of the product received by the customer does not match the order.
4. The customer’s package is lost during transportation.
5. The customer’s parcel is Economical Parcels, but the customer fails to receive it within 90 days.
6. All products have quality problems, and customers cannot use them. (Customers need to notify us within 4 days after receiving the package and provide relevant videos, pictures or evidence of use)
7. We sent the customer’s package to the wrong address.
8. After the customer specified a specific logistics channel and paid the relevant freight, we did not use this channel for transportation.

B. In the following cases, part of the money will be refunded to the customer or part of the goods will be resent

1. The customer received part of the goods not ordered with the customer.
2. Some personalized products are inconsistent with customer requirements.
3. Before we produce personalized products, customers request a refund. (We need to deduct 10% of the service fee; if some materials are used, we also need to deduct the cost of these materials)
4. Some products are damaged due to logistics reasons and cannot be used.

C. The following situations are not our responsibility, and we are not responsible for refunds or reissues for free

1. The product has no quality problems.
2. The Economical Parcels have not been received within 90 days.
3. Because the customs of the country where the customer is located imposes duties or other fees on the customer, and the customer refuses to pay, the customer cannot receive the goods.
4. After the customer confirms the sample or design of the personalized product, and we have started the formal production.
5. The customer provided the wrong mailing address.
6. The customer provided wrong customization requirements.
7. Errors caused by other customers.