Know us

We are a Chinese trading company specializing in the sales and wholesale of sports related products.

At present, it mainly deals in football clothing products, various facilities and accessories for football games, personalized customization and spot sales of sports-themed T-shirts, silicone bracelets, and various sports-related models, toys, small objects, etc.

Order Assurance

In the following cases, we will refund the customer’s payment in whole or in part:
1. The product has quality problems and cannot be used by customers.
2. Inconsistent with the product ordered by the customer.
3. The customer cannot receive the product within the specified time.

The working hours of our customer service are from 8    am to 21 pm, Beijing time, China. During this period, customers can send us messages at any time. We will reply within 10 minutes.
If a customer sends a message to us during our non-working hours, we will reply immediately after work.

We can use a third-party payment platform that can supervise transactions, which can absolutely guarantee the interests of customers.
1. Paypal
2. AliExpress
3. Stripe

We will use different outer packaging according to the nature of the products ordered by customers to ensure that the products received by customers are intact.
If the product is damaged due to our packaging problem, we assume full liability for compensation.

We will prepare the products immediately after the customer pays, and send them out within 1 day after the goods are ready, and provide the customer with a trackable logistics number.
*Different products have different stocking periods, please refer to the product page you purchased for the specific time*

We will fill out the customs declaration form and mark the package as required by the customer in order to help the customer exempt or reduce the payment of customs duties.
If the customer is not sure how to declare to the customs, we will also provide transportation services including import customs clearance to help save money.